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Landscape Destinations of West Bengal

West Bengal is endowed with rich natural and biodiversity heritage..each landscape destination has its unique features. To provide access to these nature destinations to general public, the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation offers experiential encounters with nature .. have a date with the Wild !!

Explore these destinations !!



The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) came into existence in 1974 on the recommendation of National Commission of Agriculture in their Interim Report in 1972 on "Production Forestry - Man-Made Forests". Having been registered as a Company and incorporated as per Companies Act, 1956; the Corporation started functioning on 19th November, 1974. In course of time, the Corporation has diversified its activities into eco - tourism, wood - based industries, NTFP Management, plantations of economically valuable species, etc and expanded its operations almost all over West Bengal.